Mutants: Genetic Gladiators Cheats and Breeding Guides

Due to insisting public demand after we release are comprehensive Dragon City guides many players requested if we can also post regarding with Mutants: Genetic Gladiators cheats and even breeding combination guides just like what we did on DC. Because they don’t want to experience and do a survey anymore that will come up with fake content so instead of download trainer or hack tool they decided to keep in touch with our guide as they found it very useful.

Of course we are generous here and can say no to our readers especially if we can provide it to them. So let’s this full detailed walkthrough now!

Starting Line

You will start by picking the initial class for your account around the 3 Mutants: Warrior, Robot and Zombie before getting to the line of primary Mutants you can use in the entire games. Though there is no such big deal in terms of starting the game but for this is the phase perfect for mind conditioning on how you will love the game and play for the long run. So to give you an advance appetite we will introduce to you what these characters all about. The primary stats where you can compare these 3 are speed, life, attack.

Resources and Currencies

mutant genetic gladiator cheats and guides no surveyLike in any other games, what you need to know is the resources/currencies or values that you may use in game. Every game has different element on this and on Mutants: GG we have Fame, Mutosterone, Credits, Gold, and Campaign Passes. Most of the time you can get it for free on official fan page of different website sharing daily free items for this game aside from Gold since this is consider as premium items and only real cash can buy. If you are search for Mutants: Genetic Gladiators trainer this is always what they promising you can cheat because this is the most important currency in game. If you don’t want to do cross-breeding, using Gold you can purchase creatures directly.

  • Fame – this is also a side point for leveling up. You can increase it by 1 point in every level up. So definitely the more fame you have the higher the level you are.
  • Mutosterone – This corresponds with bar and you need to make it full if you want to combine mutants. Using gold you can instantly recharge it.
  • Credits – basic in game currency. You can earn it from winning fights.
  • Campaign Passes – This serves as your energy. You need to spend this in every action you make and once you run out you need to wait for it to recharge and let you fight again.

Type of Mutants

In this game you have 6 kinds of Mutants you can pick with such as Saber, Galactic, Mythic, Necro, Zoomorph and Cyber. Each type has their own advantage and disadvantage base on their opponent. They are balance and we can’t say who is the most powerful of them so at this rate we can’t recommend what you should pick instead we will give you their stats and pick the kind of Mutants you think suitable for you.

Cyber_SymbolCyber - This Mutant is one of the three basic types you can get. They are weak to Zombie and Strong against Saber at the start of the game. Later on they will be Pathetic against Galactic and Brutal against Zoomorph in addition to earlier strengths and weaknesses.

Necro_SymbolNecro – This Mutant is one of the three basic types you can get. They are weak to Saber and Strong against Cyber at the start of the game. Later on they will be Pathetic against Mythic and Brutal against Galactic in addition to earlier strengths and weaknesses.

 Saber_SymbolSaber - This Mutant is one of the three basic types you can get. They are weak to Cyber and Strong against Zombie at the start of the game. Later on they will be Pathetic against Zoomorph and Brutal against Mythic in addition to earlier strengths and weaknesses.

ZoomorphZoomorph – Is the fourth Gene Mutant type encountered during the course of the game. First encountered as the boss fight of the second campaign section and unlocked upon defeating said boss. Zoomorph is strong against Mythic and weak against Galactic, and they are Pathetic against Cyber but Brutal against Saber.

GalacticGalactic – Is the fifth Gene Mutant type encountered during the course of the game. First encountered as the boss fight of the third campaign section and unlocked upon defeating the said boss. Galactic is strong against Cyber and weak against Necro.

Mythic_SymbolMythic – Is the six and final Gene Mutant type encountered during the course of the game. The first encountered as the boss fight of the fourth campaign section and unlocked upon defeating the said boss. Mythic is strong against Necro and weak against Saber.

mutant kind guides


Now that you already knew the 6 types of Mutants that you can use, you already noticed that there is advantage and disadvantage on any kind this is to balance the game and challenge the players to make their own team base on their own strategy. But whatever strategy you have, the best thing to keep in battle is having lots of mutants as possible so you can hurl up more strategy base on giving a rotation and making a cover from one mutant to another. After that you can now make a duel by starting to create your own team consisting of 3 mutant each battle.

Attacking – The game base on turns and maybe this is sounds familiar to you and if you already play a game like this I believe you already have the idea on proper way of executing action. When battle starts, in every mutant you have a turn and this is your chance to select from one of your available mutant skills.  Each attack is linked to a gene. Certain genes are more powerful against others. Check out the schematic below that shows you how the 3 basic genes work. For instance, Warrior Gene deals a 25% more damage to Zombie Mutants.

Tag Team Attack – This the feature of the game that you can find in Dragon City where you can choose a friend to help you make a tag team attack. This special action can only be done once in the battle. This will let your friend’s monster to join your battle and make a random attack. Also please be reminded that each friend can only make a tag team with you once per day so you need to add more friends for you to maximize the usage of this special move.

Adding Friends

We already mention that you need more friends to maximize the use of tag team attack that is very important for both PvE and PvP. You can also get real time freebies from your friends from click their news feed so the more friends you have the more items you can collect from them.

Campaign Fights

This is consider as Player vs CPU mode that will require you to spend Campaign Passes to enter each level so you can’t grind on this mode. But definitely those campaign passes are automatically recharging over time and once you level up it will set to full.

Global Tournament Fights

This is the ego builder of the game where you can fight with your friends through Player vs Player mode. This is most player’s favorite once they reached level 6 here is your time to check your real time strategy in battling other competitive players. This is also the reason behind the eagerness of download Mutants: Genetic Gladiators cheats because they want to go up on the ladder so they don’t care anymore if they will sign up on survey and leave their credit card number or cellphone number there. Actually what you really need here is effective strategy and maybe you will get compete with other players who are using trainer hack tool but don’t worry because still the pride is in yours there is nothing so special when they won but it is all yours because you play the game in fair.

In Game Quests

I know that you will get busy on playing PvP mode but you should consider finishing all your available quest as this will be a source a decent amount of XP to level up as well as credits.


This is important element of the game that you need to upgrade in able for to you excess the certain mutant cap limit. You can get this for free after reaching designated level and each building has their own specific features. There is nothing to get confuse here just upgrade if there is available for you to do.


Don’t get confuse with compound and building. When you say compound this serve as your storage for new mutant you buy or extracted from breading. Just put on your mind that not all compounds are compatible for specific mutant. The system observe gene matching so you can store here your mutant. Visiting shop will give you an idea base on multiple compound sizes of each type.


Like most of MMORPG nowadays, Mutants: GG observes the same feature in where there is a task or special things to do and once you complete this not-so-compulsory stuff to do will treat you free gold. There is nothing to worry about in these tasks if you can’t make it now some of them are attainable in some case only or maybe you need to have a good level or something like that. Just play the game and leave this as your least priority. When there is nothing for you to do, you can now focus on doing achievements just for the sake of fame and collections and definitely gold.

Mutants Genetic Gladiator Achievement Guides

Map Expansions

Like most of Facebook games you can extend your map after achieving certain requirements. While in Mutants: Genetic Gladiators we are very sure that you will run out of map space over and over again because you need to place more new compounds for more new breed mutants. Thanks that we can expand our map by clicking to adjacent areas and it will ask you to buy it with credits. However, you will also run out of space in the roof you are at. At that time you have no choice but to buy another roof, which may cost credits or gold depending on the roof you click on.

The Shop

We already mentioned compound and you can purchase it on shop. Yes shop is your primary source  for compounds and also mutants. There are also available mutosterone and passes on shop but I think you need to pay for gold these items.

Daily Reward and Challenge

Like most Facebook games you can get advantage for playing in streak. In this game each day you can use a regular magnetic key on the mystery chest to get a free reward while there are also premium keys available for better prizes. From playing everyday you can also do daily challenge. You can see this on the right sidebar of your screen that contains a set of task that you need to accomplish in limited time. These tasks are by no means fast to complete. The more tasks you complete, the better the reward you have access to. If you manage to get all available points, you will get gold and med packs.

Breeding and Combination Guides

This is the best element of the game that you will surely love as a matter of fact you will spend a lot of time at Breeding Center in doing your experiment to get the desire Mutants or even the legendary or the special breed. By doing this there are some rules that you should know to make clearer for you on how you will get what you are planning to have as your offspring. This is also the portion where players active their Mutants: Genetic Gladiators trainer and have unlimited ways to use and do their experiment in cross breeding or splicing. Yes there are lots of things you should consider before doing any move in this part but the best way to observe and the proper use of this is by means of knowing the combination that might give you what you are expecting to have (although not 100%) See our list below:

Legendary Mutant

Obviously this is rare and special mutant that possess overpower performances. The rarity prove that the only way to get Legendary Mutant through buying it on shop or in some event. Many players have in their mind to create a breed of it and because of rarity the only way for them to make it risk free is by using Mutants: Genetic Gladiators cheats as there is are some players asking for trainer that they will let them obtain special mutant through this tool. Well here in NoSurvey we are doing our best to give you alternatives and so far this is what we found useful from most players of this game.

Currently we have Buck Maurice as Legendary Mutant purchased from the shop. In terms of breeding for elite version you can combine it Nordic Nightmare. This is a mutant version of Chuck Norris wearing shades, 2 kukris on his pants and dog tag. Though consider as slow typed mutant his life and damage is beyond compare. His sidekick attack can damage 456 and if you upgrade it will give additional damage of 684 while his hitman attack (secondary attack) can dealt a damage of 228 to each target and once upgrade an additional 324 to each target.

Cosmos Kong is also a Legendary Mutant and being popular because of expensiveness. And the only way to get it is to hurl cash from your pocket or by using trainer tool that will give you unlimited. Anyway you don’t need to purchase this as there are also lots of stronger Mutant and the only way to  make it effective in battle is your strategy of how you will use them. Of course challenge is your key for enjoyment while using cheats will only spoil the game out of your bone.

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