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Though it was released last year, it is only getting appreciated this year (2013) and to revive our post and share our treasured Hay Day cheats on how to do easy money farming, buying missing crops, getting construction equipment for free etc so you will dominate the game without doing a survey to download fake trainer tool. Our vision bothered after seeing lots of people are dealing with the same problem upon looking some tips on this game and getting hack tool is the only option on their query. Just to completely clean up the mess, these are our guides definitely for free. (But first we should give all the credits on Supercell for developing, updating and maintaining such great game like this and also the company behind Clash of Clans also one of the best iPhone / iPad games and still reigning these days.

Walkthrough Guides

hay day cheats and guides no surveyIn any game you will find the absence of “currencies” this is very important to know even in using trainer tool you need of course to know what you should cheat. This is compose of numbers with corresponding value while there is always for premium resources that only real cash can buy. (You can skip this if you already playing the game but for those who just started the fun let’s roll this for you.)

Coins – This is your primary currency and you can generate it by selling your product through sales agents like delivery truck or in the roadside shop or there is a random circumstance you will find visitors in your farm, you can also sell your crops there. Here we have cheats to earn easy coins that we will teach you (you can directly refer to it below if you want to skip these guides) so you are independent to buy buildings, materials, animals etc.

Diamonds – This is your premium currency and if you want to possess this, you need to hurl up real cash from your pocket and definitely this what cheaters always want to modify so they can buy almost everything in game and speeding up in-game processes while if you want to obtain it without using any trainer, you should complete achievements and opening locked boxes.

Vouchers – This resources is only available if you reach level 20 and obtain by completing transaction from trucks and boats. You need vouchers to purchase pets and decors.

Game Elements

These are what you can find and interact in game that makes Hay Day an interesting application to play. Basically the more feature the game has the better. So will give you a summary of everything you can do on this game that can give a try for for far better user experience.

Sewing and Harvesting – Click on empty (it must be empty) and then drag wheat over the fields to plant the seeds. Upon sewing it corresponds with different duration to grow (but can speed up using diamonds) while every seeds will produce two crops that is absolute value for sewing and harvesting. Remember that for each single crop harvested you obtain two seeds, sew them several times to multiply the amount of seeds, they are key to progress through the game.

Feeding – This should is your regular task in this game, you should fed your animal for them to produce goods for you. It is not a good idea to let them hungry so be aware on it as you can click one by one to fed them but also consider that each farm animal only eat specific food produced from feed mill. In game you will see this building indicates with crop material requirement in order to generate food for your animal. It is automatic game feature that once you collect good from your animal, you need to feed it again so they will continue generating goods for your farm.

Animals – these animals or farm animals is available to purchase from shop. You will see lots of choices there but there are some sort that you need to unlock base from different requirements

Pets – Unlike from farm animals this is by means of aesthetics as they are not producing any resources but also it will not require slot from your assets as they are just wandering on your farm. To purchase it, make sure you have sufficient vouchers that can only be acquired if you already reached level 20.

Trees  - This is also a good manufacturer on your farm. In game you will find several sort of it that will give you fruits as well as seeds. Always use as possible space on planting trees just like in real life.

Leveling Up – players favorite scene in almost all games but it is better here in Hay Day because in every additional level there is free gold coins and new content such as unlocked buildings, crops and goods. This will also gives you more space for your field so you can build and plants more stuff. In every new level  there is 3 additional block of land. The easiest way to level up without using any cheats is by following the order boarder from the very beginning stages of the game while harvesting crops also give you XP points so definitely while you are playing experience are also flowing.

The Order Board – We already mentioned it above but to give you an idea this is where you can find your task to do that will corresponds for rewards such as money and experience by doing so. And it is also a shortcut keys instead of clicking on the exact agent or for example on truck, using the Order Board you can click the task out there and it will prompt you on what you need to do.

Achievements – This is your legal way to obtain free Diamonds and currently Hay Day has a total of 78 achievement and each one having 3 levels. Each time one of these levels is finished, you are given a ribbon and 1,2 or 3 diamonds respectively. This is also a feature where you can compete through Game Center in beating their scores or earn achievements. This is all by means of racing with your friends as whoever make it first to finish the goals gets rewards.

Friends – the ideas originated from Facebook games this is the feature of the game which you can add as many friends as you want and make them as your neighbors. As a matter of fact you can only add friends through Facebook account so definitely you need to logged in through FB app first. Take advantage from adding more friends as possible as this is also your key to dominate game

Buildings – Hay Day will never be fun as it is without having a variation on buildings. In this game there are several kinds of buildings you can place in your farms under different purposes. Also in constructing a building, it is the processing time is always needs to consider but just like what we’ve mentioned you can use diamonds to forfeit the wait in this part. So here the buildings you can place on your farm:

  • Animal Shelters – This will corresponds on how many farm animal you can put on to your farm.
  • Production Buildings – It is important to processing your raw materials to useful goods like wheat turning it to bread.
  • Storage Buildings – Store processed products if you want to sell it later.

Sales Venues – At the beginning, The Roadside Shop is your initial sales venue or agents where you can make a trade with goods, materials, and seeds for coins. While later you will find more venues such as the boat, the newspaper and the wheel of fortune. Special delivery through them will let you obtain vouchers this is what you need (aside from buying pets) to buy special items. You have also your own Roadside Shop where your friends can check and buy it directly to you. Based on our experience the best venues to publish your available products to sell is through newspapers where you can find what kind of items that your neighbors need.

Goal – Aside from completing all your orders your,  primary (but not required) goal is to experience all elements of the game and this can only be done by expanding your farm so you can place more buildings or plant as many trees or plant as you want. Once you leveled up, you can’t immediately place what you want on that block but you need to clear it by means of cutting down trees using your saw and the only way to have this tool is by consuming your diamonds. So make sure to conserve your free diamonds for saw as this is a requirement to improve the space of your entire farm.

Hay Day Cheats, Glitches, Tricks

Easy money – As we mentioned it above, the newspaper is the best selling venues as a matter of fact you can use to farm quick coins. What you need to do is to search through other people’s newspaper for construction equipment like dynamite and saws and buy them in bulk. (ex: 10 items for 1000 coins) and then sell them individually between the nearest possible price. On the very last item you list place an advertisement on it so people can see ALL your items when they come to the store.

Getting construction equipment for free - Go to fresh come and get it than there will be some up for sale or to get them for free plant lots of wheat and it will get you objects you need in no time flat.

Buying Missing Crops - If you are missing some crops simply go to a friends farm and find their roadside shop and tap on it and see what they are selling. Or if your level 7+ open your newspaper and see whats being sold.

Wheat Cheat – you must be not level 7 and higher and then plant some wheat then go the roadside shop and once you already at the roadside shop you must put wheat at the price of 5 and then when they visit your roadside shop to buy they might select your other items too. The key to make it work is by having lots of wheat to sell.

Strategize your Economy – To perform it very well you should focus on how animals and crops relate on one another. Just think about you need to feed your animals using goods from harvested crops. That is the cycle while your exceeding manufactured goods will go to the market so you can proceed to your other in-game goals. So balance and harmony between two elements on the game from the very beginning to your progress and do not let the gap in between.

Aside from these available tricks there are also some queries about slot expansion cheats but definitely that is your goal in game so just think about manipulating it through trainers how can you enjoy the game furthermore? Well it is up to you if you will use that tool but make it sure that you will not do a survey for a free download of it because it will only give you fake and not working tool. We know it we already been there as we want to get a copy of it so we can share this for you here @ www.NoSurveys.com after removing all those annoying ads but just like what we are expecting we’ve got nothing. So instead of feeling sorry about wasted time dealing with answering those stupid questions, we decided to author our Hay Day guides that will surely give you an edge in playing this game.

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