Short for fashion land is a one of the newest and successful games in Facebook together with Monster Legends after appdata announced that this can be consider as one of the fastest growing application in the social network last week. This is not a typical scenario after knowing that the game was developed by not so popular company.

The game has the same concept in some of Facebook games that already shutdown and maybe the primary reason why they created this is to substitute to those games and for players who actively supported those games but still they can’t help not to remove those application in Facebook due to financial failure as most games facing trouble especially those application that was developed by big company who invested more money and expect more money in return.

fashland cheats and guides no surveyThis is also a good way to think that there is even more other games in Facebook than puzzle based entertainment. Yes I’m talking about how King’s Saga series took the entire scene from simulation game dominated by Zynga. I personally don’t like those games (Pet Rescue Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, Candy Crush Saga) I want to play games that will entertain me and not to let me think to solve repeated puzzle. Anyway people have different taste and what really happens is that most Facebook users like them.

Actually those who like this kind of puzzle games are majority in female. And I think not only me noticed that but also the developer behind Fashland because girls love social and casual game different to man who like hardcore and action while there are still action based games on Facebook they will rather pick to play online games or MMORPG.

Most cash spender in Facebook are girls and another factor that this game has a high possibility to convert more profit rather than to those action game that male will only find trainer cheats to hack premium items and leave the game nothing to revenue. This is what happened on Monster Legends as an action games and lots of guys the RPG blend of the game, you will find lots of cheats such as unlimited gem, food and gold on the internet so how come that SocialPoint (game developer) can make money from their players? Fashland also thought that so instead make a game for girls.

But I’m not talking that you will never find Fashland cheats to download especially to those website with surveys as they will temptate you to go in their trap and answers questions. As a casual players you didn’t know that this is only an advertisement and what you will get inside is just a fake trainer of Fashland. So beware on that.

Our final advice is to just play the game and enjoy it. Don’t make a rush and purchase premium items if you can play it casually that is fine better or else just request and we will write Fashland guides for you if we will see that many players really need that since in this kind of game, you really don’t need to go in a hard road as simply as you need only to enrich your creativity as in girl thing.

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