Despicable Me: Minion Rush Cheats and Guides

Most games and application that based on movie today that you can play on Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Android and any other popular gaming platform are developed just to promote their products (film) but after seeing that Despicable Me: Minion Rush topped as the most downloaded application on iTunes after the first two months so far after the release, now we changed our points of view from the same genre. Anyway we also asked ourselves, does Despicable Me needs to promote in this manner? This is already popular film thus even the movie is not yet on release we are expecting major success on it. Now they doubled the treat after dominating iTunes.

We want to clear this out, this application is free to download on the said app store and they are not asking you to sign up for survey or make a deal those website asking you to answers couples of question before letting you to get the application. Just visit the official download page of this game.

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Now for those who are looking forward for download Despicable Me: Minion Rush cheats or trainer and they found a website that still under the annoying advertising, there is nothing to worry now because is here to give you effective guides that is more reliable than fake trainer tool. Ready now?

1. The first tip we want to teach you is when you see a large patch of green runway coming up, always focus in controlling your minion with the help of your device’s tilt feature. Actually it is very easy to evade it just make a very gentle movements through awareness and concentrate on staying alive than grabbing every last banana.

2. Rather than grabbing bananas nearby it is better to focus your goal on bumping into fellow minions as this will your points generator if you are targeting for high score. What you need to do is to let them get out and your minion will automatically do their job for you.

3. There are lots of players are getting harder in defeating Vector as this is their reason why they want to download Despicable Me: Minion Rush cheats to beat Vector. But I will tell you, it is more enjoyable if you will beat the game without the help of any trainer tool. If you really feel the is beyond from your capability, you can read this walkthrough guide on beating Vector. First things first like what we always do in this stage, you have to avoid large unites that he drops onto the lanes but don’t forget to make a counter attack by striking his back with shielded units.Tapping on these explosive objects will be your key to finish the stage but you will only make it if you can ensure first that there is no harm in your way from tapping.

4. Upgrading is always your choice to beat every opponent your facing and this is available on shop. Sometimes you will fee greedy on getting bananas because of this while there are some point that you will think to use Despicable Me: Minion Rush trainer to get unlimited banana to upgrade everything but assuming you are on the hard-way getting banana, the first thing you should upgrade is your Minion Shield. This will give you the rate of survivability for any course.

5. Always keep your goal in your priority list because it is very easy to finish and ironically you can get a decent number of tokens as reward. This will be your last resort for any stumble you will make in game. Also this will unlock more environment to play with.

6. Switching lanes is also a good strategy to consider and you can do while in you are in mid air. Just try to anticipate upcoming obstacles so you can prepare yourself on which lane is the best for you to take on.

7. Like you, we are also getting annoyed with Revive timer message once we already run out of tokens. So next time when you experience this, you can tap rapidly on the screen just anywhere outside of the Revive box and you can instantly start up a new game. This is an option if you feel that reviving is not a good decision this time since the price will cost your more for each successive use of revive button in any single run.

8. Among any item you can see in your screen, pick Fluffy Unicorn icon as your priority. This will give you an opportunity to earn more bananas but first you need to unlock this on store. Don’t forget to use tilt controls to manage a good steering point through massive columns of currency.

Now that you already know this guide still interested to sign up for survey and download fake cheat codes for Despicable Me: Minion Rush?

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