Animal Voyage: Island Adventure Cheats and Guides

Recently we started a project on Animal Voyage: Island Adventure after introducing this to the internet as we also said that we will work through it so we can share cheats and guides for ultimate advantage of playing it without any trainers to download or survey to answers. So here we are ready and excited to teach you something useful that you can do in playing this game.

Again to clear out some misconception, Animal Voyage: Island Adventure is free to download for your iPhone, iPad, Android and other gadget running iOS system. There is no need to sign for survey if anyone ask you to do that definitely that is not an official download that will result for fake content. Though the game has been released for paid version on the early release now it was confirmed the alteration of distribution system for this game.

The game includes not only rescuing animals from different natural disasters but also keeping them well maintained in terms of food supply and design giving you the opportunity to furnish their new habitats through your island and that is your adventure in this game.

Once you download the game there will be a notification that will appear in your screen and here they need your confirmation. If you don’t feel what you set up there, don’t worry because you can always change it later. This is about hitting your back in very game events happening. After seeing the loading screen above on the first time expect that there will be a quick visual overview of the game from in-game interactions, interface, island etc and they will let you connect to GameCenter account in some games they are using Facebook for socialization or by means of adding new friends and other social activities this game is under of GameCenter so you should have a account there.

Currency and Resources

This is the basic measurement of you are playing the game right to the path of your goal. If you can balance your design and resources in harmony expect that you will never find this game to difficult to play and you don’t need actually to download Animal Voyage: Island Adventures trainer just to cheats and give you unlimited Gold Coins, Leaves,  Crystals.

Gold Coins – This is your primary currency that you need to use in purchasing basic decorations, build animal homes, and buy additional items to upgrade your entire facilities and structure. You can acquire gold coins from your animals habitats together with experience with specific duration. From here you will notice that rescuing as many animals as you is your key for having easy gold coins.

Leaves – Aside from coins there are leaves that you need to expand territory. In some games this corresponds as expansion permit, land permit, ticket etc that you can earn through clearing out the patches of grass found in your game map. In every click to scattered grass it will be added to your leaves resources.

Crystals – Premium currency this is the reason why developers made their games and this is their gold mine to make an income in return. And create more game for their players so if you want to support the publishers, creator and all people behind this game, you can always purchase Crystals using your own money. While being a premium resources this is always the favorite content that cheaters want to modify as this can buy almost all actions and elements in game that you need in progress.

Note: If you are running out for a certain resources there is a market button that you can click to purchase gold coins, leaves, and crystals.

Content and Features

The Island – From the title itself we already noticed that the game is set up on remote island and that is your voyage or your adventure. In the beginning you will see yourself playing with a couple of animal companions. But as the game progresses you will see animal trapped inside squares scattered on your island.

Map – In game like this map is always important to see how’s your progress going on and how large the territory you already unlocked and from this view you can plan where is your next expansion. You will see those places that have still yet to be cleared with gray fog swirling around the area. The key is to have specific numbers of rescued animals that will help you travel to these areas.

Animals – Main content of the game and the subject you need to rescue, taking care and let them help you to save more animal in-need of help. After rescuing, you need to build a home that will act as their habitat. Their habitat is your primary source of gold having more animals will result for more habitats and more gold to be generated. Animals will help you in your adventure you can click on them and let them follow your order for seeking some spots on the map that might have animals need for your help.

Abilities – Animals is not by means of saving them but also they are available to help you and the best thing to perform their duty is by using their abilities to perform different task including clearing grass and trees and improve your research for other trapped animal. This is one of the most exciting content you will find in the game.

Buildings – Like currency and resources, this content will never be missed any simulation game as this is your source of your currency that in most cases automatically generating for your in-game progress. In this game you have different kinds of buildings to put on your island from animal habitats to farms that let you grown crops and food items. Together with game progress you will find yourself unlocking more plots to build additional buildings to support your needs.

Exploration – What makes this game exciting to play is your freedom in exploring and expanding your entire map since there is not set of order on how you will play the game and unlock new areas. So your progress is different from your friends as they explore the game in other way from you. Unlike in other simulation game you can play on Facebook or iPhone / iPad this game don’t have pattern aside from your task that you need to finish in series.

Quests – Of course you will find this game boring if you can only do what you want to do without any task to solve or challenge to figure out. So yes we have already the liberty to explore the part of the game but still quests are existing to add more fun. In every progress you made there will be new quests to unlock. You will see this on the log of quests in the left of the screen. You can check what you’re working currently and what you need to finish to proceed for more quests by clicking on that log. Quest corresponds with rewards so our tips is to finish quests as possible so you can take advantages for decent rewards that will be a big help for you especially if you are not using any cheats.

Rescuing – This is your primary task but before doing there are sets of rules you need to do first including clearing out tall grass, debris, and exploring the island using your animals. Once you found out the location, you will see animal’s cage that you need to click in order for your to rescue them but your operation is not yet on success unless you solve the puzzle like in Pet Rescue Saga. Yes this game involves also puzzle action and not only simulation where have a set amount of moves to collect by matching similar shapes.

Cheats Tips and Techniques

  • For you to save your pocket from purchasing premium items you should play the game in slow and not be so excited in expanding your island. Though it is easy to fall in love spending real cash or using Animal Voyage: Island Adventure cheats but we recommend just to enjoy the game as it is. No in-game boost as you enjoying the puzzle and simulation blend of the game.
  • In expanding your zones for your new animals, you strategize it accordingly and you can only have the idea if you have an ally who already unlocked that spot. It is not easy to purchase terrain or clearing out the mess as you need to wait for a certain time. Trial and error is not your gameplay so you better make it sure. There are some players who want to play the perfect tricks in trial and error, first they use cheats to have unlimited crystals, gold coins and leaves and then unlock all map and locate animals to rescue and after knowing their exact location and made their hypothesis in which first things first they will their main progress (not cheated) so they can still preserve the challenge within the game.

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